What To Do After Car Accident

Man On Phone

Photo Credit: blacksalesjournal.com

After that horrible and scary experience of car accident, someone just contacted you and asking about the damages payment. What should you do?

1. Don’t admit fault – If legal matters are not yet applied and discussed don’t admit fault. People may take advantage of your situation. The first thing that you are being approached regarding a car incident is to discover out the important points as the other party considers them to be. Make sure that you’re the real person they are trying to get in touch with and not just someone with an identical name or someone with an identical automobile.

2. Find out the main purpose of the person contacted you – The next this is identify what the other person wants from you. Does he or she just want your insurance policy details, or is he or she harmful a lawsuit? Perhaps the other party is looking to negotiate any incident statements without getting an insurance policy engaged.