When an Employee Meets a Road Accident

You have to admit that it’s not easy to settle an argument over a road accident. Thus, a best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles has to be hired in order to come to a fair agreement in order for both parties to fully recover.

Keep in mind that each case or accident is distinctive on its own. Both could be road accidents, but each situation or incidents will never be the same from the other.

Car Accident

The Accident Scene

Let’s take a look on an employee who is in a hurry delivering the goods to their retailer shop. Along with this driver speeding up to catch the delivery schedule, an unexpected incident came. He met an accident. At this point, the victim has incurred some injuries and damaged his car. As with the company vehicle, there were minor scratches and dents, not to mention injuries on the employee as well. Yes, an accident attorney in Los Angeles was hired to bring the case to a settlement. Do you have any idea who would be held responsible for the damages and injuries resulting from the accident?

Perhaps, the reason you have been reading this post is you or a friend have become a victim of a road accident where an employee is involved. Will the employer be held liable for the accident this time?

3 Ways an Employer Takes the Responsibility

1. Employer Negligence

You will never know who you will be meeting on the road. Employers are supposed to be held responsible with their employees. In other words, they should hire safe drivers with a valid driver’s license, not to mention, not suspended as well. As a matter of fact, there are even some employers who take additional safety precautions. They allow their drivers to perform drug tests and most of all, check their previous records. Trucking companies are careful as to who they will be hiring.

Once a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles is hired, he will take time to gather information such as the company and the driver. Although you may have provided this information, these lawyers know how to investigate and go deep into the cause of the accident.

2. Negligence on Supervision

It is necessary that companies have policies with regard to taking the vehicle outside the company premises. These safety policies must also comply with the safety law and rules provided by the government. Employers must check and ensure the safety of his employee/s. Moreover, he needs to ensure that his employee will be practicing his duty of care, otherwise, if not, your Los Angeles car accident lawyer should know and will be able to determine this.

3. Vicarious Liability

In the event where the employer asks his driver to deliver the goods to their retail shop. As the driver stops for coffee and met an accident during the event, it could be the employer is no longer responsible for the accident that has happened. In other words, since the driver was doing actions that were not directed by his employer. The same thing would happen when the driver would cause the accident to happen to his own bad intentions.

Being involved in an accident can be overwhelming. This is one the reasons you need to hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles to be guided as you fight for your right and be represented during the settlement process.

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