It’s Just A Dent And Ding

Personal Injury LawAs you hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles, he would realize it’s one of those ‘fender bender’ cases he has handled with. Do you have any idea what this is? You or a friend may have met a low-impact accident that resulted in just a small dent and damage to your fender or also known as the bumper of your car. Looking at it, you may think it’s just a small damage. However, as your mechanic takes a little closer, you both realized there’s more to it. It could be that your car may have sustained more damage and not just a dent and ding.

Some would treat this type of accident as an annoyance rather than thinking about the safety of the drivers and passengers. This is the reason a car accident lawyer would treat this case seriously. Some collisions could not be fatal, but some could turn your financial status upside down. Before that happens, learn what to do whenever you meet this accident. It may not be later, not tomorrow, being prepared will lead you to the right settlement.

Step # 1: Stop and Call the Police

A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles may be able to defend and protect your rights, but you have to be working with him as well. This means, you may need to gather information to prove the accident. Even if no gets hurt and you would see just a small damage, some people can claim and pretend they have incurred injuries and even have damaged their car. The police report is an essential document to prove the accident.
As a rule of the thumb, upon meeting the accident, you have to stop and if you could pull over, do so. This should avoid getting in the line of traffic. Check whether or not there are injuries that has resulted. Look after your health.

Step # 2: Exchange Information

Each detailed information you have gathered becomes a tool to speed up the settlement case. Should you decide to file one. An auto accident attorney may need the other party’s information, including the name, address, mobile or home phone numbers, insurance information, driver’s license number, license plate number, and other important details. Don’t panic. Stay calm and focus.

Step # 3: Report to the DMV

It’s not over yet. You may need to report the accident to the DMV. Although it may vary from one state to the other, it would light up a Los Angeles car accident attorney’s path to a successful settlement agreement.

Step # 4: Small Talk

Say you are backing up from a parking space. As you back up, you hit another car all of a sudden. Take full control of the accident. Stick to the facts, rather than giving your opinion. You knew you should have looked more carefully before doing so. You have to keep in mind that in a collision accident, there isn’t driver who is 100% to be the person at fault causing the accident to happen. It could be the other driver was not aware that you backed up. Only he was not extra careful. You and the other driver has contributed a part causing the accident to happen.

Don’t beat yourself for the mistake you have done. Anytime sooner, you will be able to gather the police report and the medical records, not to mention the estimate from your mechanic as to how much should be needed for the damage repairs.