Synopsis Of A Bicycle Accident

Bicycle AccidentOne of the essential steps after meeting an accident is to hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, even if you think you didn’t incur any injuries or damages from the incident, it is still important to have a legal expert to represent and protect your rights. Other than seeking for a legal advice, it is also important to visit your doctor to ensure the kind of injuries you have incurred. It could be you have incurred a whiplash injury, this usually appears a few days after the incident. Don’t ignore these things. Neither those incidents where a bicycle and an automobile is involved. At some point, these accidents would result to serious to fatal injuries. Just as any vehicle accident, the negligent party would be responsible for any injuries and damages incurred.

Let’s Get Down to the Basics

You have to keep in mind that the moment you hit the road, the rules have to be kept and obeyed. Motorists – bicyclists and drivers must exercise their duty of care. In other words, each one has to be responsible for the other so as not to lead to accidents resulting in injuries and damages. This is the reason the road rules, including the traffic laws are provided to keep everyone on the road safe.

Dissecting a Bicycle Accident

In most cases, cyclists often become the victim. Most of the time, they suffer in an accident involving an automobile and a bicycle. Whenever they decide to take action and file a claim, its outcome should depend on these two questions:

  1. Was the accident caused by the driver’s negligent actions or recklessness which resulted in injuries to the cyclist?
  2. Was the cyclist not responsible with regard to his duty of care or recklessly causing the accident to occur?

A car accident lawyer should know that it is not at all times where the cyclist suffers from the accident. You have to realize that there are no two cases that are the same. It all depends on whoever was negligent or reckless causing the accident resulting in injuries and damages to happen.

Driver’s Negligence

Los Angeles car accident lawyers no longer find this type of accident new. Negligence on the part of the driver may take on many forms:

  • Speeding
  • Running on a stop sign
  • Drifting in the bicycle lane
  • And other forms of negligence and recklessness

These actions will most likely lead to accidents. Should it happen, you become responsible for any injuries and damages incurred. Cyclists can file for a claim to recover from the results of the accident.

Cyclist’s Negligence

Yes, your car accident lawyer can defend your rights and prove that you have suffered from an accident that has been caused by a cyclist who has been reckless else, negligent. Negligence on the part of the cyclist may take in many forms:

  • Running on a stop sign
  • Riding on the wrong lane
  • Abruptly turning to the traffic
  • And other forms of negligence and recklessness

Again, cyclist can also be responsible for the accident to occur. In any case, the victim can always have a lawyer by his side to have his rights protected and collect a fair settlement claim.