A Glimpse of the Personal Injury Laws in California

Personal Injury LawAn accident attorney may not be able to ease the pain and suffering you have experienced but they will always be there to look for the remedy so you will be able to recover from an injury that resulted from an accident caused by the someone’s negligent actions. You have to keep in mind that the law in California recognizes two types of injuries, criminal and civil. The latter is what the personal injury law is all about. Simply think, since a certain person is negligent with his actions, properties are damaged and people are hurt. This is the time when you need to contact a personal injury accident attorney and be enlightened on the things that you should do in order to get the right amount of compensation to recover from any damage or loss caused from the accident. Easy as it may seem, it is also an essential that you have at least knowledge with regard to the law.


This injury or death normally occurs in health care providers. There comes a time when health care professionals become negligent with their responsibilities at work which in turn would cause their patients to incur injury or even death. Did you know that in California, it would take three years for the settlement process? The three years would count from the day the health care professional would know the patient or the patient would meet the health care professional or whichever date comes first until the patient experiences the injury or death up until the injured patient would file for his claim. This period of time provided by the law would no longer follow when he proves to the court should there be fraud or an intentional concealment that would prevent the patient to recognize the injury. Also, if a foreign body is left inside the patient due to negligence, then the three year period process would no longer follow.

Property Damage

Damage of the property would also be included in the scope of the personal injury law in California. Car accidents attorney also handle cases where cars or vehicles have been the cause of the damage of the property. The law would also include theft and other destruction or deterioration of properties.

Personal Injury Claim

Wrongful Death

Yes, it is wise to contact your motor vehicle accident attorney when a relative or family dies from a road accident which is caused as the other person is negligent. Compensation when a settlement is filed would include the support for the family should they are dependent to the deceased victim. Other than that, auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles see to it that their clients will be given the rightful amount of reward to compensate on the loss.

Bodily Injury

Last, any injury resulting from battery or assault may be taken against the person at fault. They may file for a claim to recover from the expenses from medical to hospital bills and doctor’s appointments.

good personal injury lawyer should be able to assist you and represent you all throughout the settlement process or up until you will be able to be rewarded with the right compensation.


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